Avoid getting sick this flu season

November 5, 2012 by admin in Health, Homepage Slider

Seasonal flu is upon us, and if you are like most Canadians working in a large office and using public transit to get to work, use these tips to avoid getting sick:

Get the flu shot

Flu shot is the single best prevention from getting seasonal flu. Make sure you get it early in November to allow your body enough time to develop immunity before flu season peaks in December-January. Ask your physician for a flu shot, or check the local pharmacy or walk-in clinic for a vaccination schedule.

Exercise in moderation

Regular workouts boost and strengthen your immune system.

Eat well

Nutrition is important for staying healthy and keeping immune system strong.

Wash hands often

Hand washing is the best prevention from getting sick with any infectious disease. Wash hands with soap and water after visiting washrooms, public transportation, public places, and before eating.

Work from home

If the workplace permits, take advantage of working from home to limit your exposure to sick people. If someone at work is sick, encourage them (or their manager) to work from home.

Avoid public places

Although no one lives in a bubble, it is best to limit contact with public during flu outbreaks.

Avoid stress

Not only psychological stress. Dieting and lack of sleep put a lot of stress on system as well.

Drink in moderation

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and partying until late during holiday season puts enormous stress on the body. Know when to say no to drinking and get enough sleep and rest.

Stay warm

No need to bundle up, but remember that if your body gets cold, the immune defense drops with the body temperature. Dress according to the weather.

Take supplements

Vitamin C, zinc, multivitamins all strengthen immune system and increase your chances of a flu-free winter.

Avoid eating at public places

Fast food workers are people too, and if they come to work not feeling well, they are spreading germs while they are preparing your food. Bag your own lunch to work, to eat healthy and stay healthy.

Stay at home if not feeling well

Allow your body time to recover and avoid spreading infection to those around you.

Stay healthy this season and enjoy everything Canadian winter has to offer!