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6 kinds of friends a woman needs

September 26, 2012 by admin in Homepage Slider, Relationships

Every woman needs great friends to help deal with stress, offer a shoulder to cry on, and to be there in time of trouble. They are also there to join in celebrations and to share the happy moments of life. It’s wonderful if you have a friend or two, who combine all of these qualities, otherwise look for a person (or many) who will be by your side in any of these situations.

1  Listener friend

Sometimes a woman needs to talk things out. Who is better than a wise tolerant friend who can patiently listen without being judgmental?  Look for a friend who will ask the right questions, and help come up with the right conclusions.

2  Adviser friend

Some things just look clearer from a perspective. Look for a wise, shrewd friend who gives great advice and helps with reality check. Some people are born to be great mentors, and you are lucky if you have met one of them. Otherwise, keep looking for someone with a rich life experience who wants to share it with you.

3  Romantic friend

Your significant other is your best romantic friend. If you still haven’t met one yet, it’s good to have a friend to talk to about what you’d like to find in love life, if you like talking about that kind of things…

4  Co-worker friend

Considering that we spend most of our waking hours working, it’s good to have a friend at work whom you can ask questions about the company, discuss your next move with, and ask for advice. Sometimes it’s also good just to complain about work, but be careful here: in case your friendship takes a downturn, you don’t want them to be on the other side knowing too much about you. Anyways, because noone should be eating lunch alone, look for a person at work whom you enjoy taking breaks with and keep it neutral, emotionally and physically.

5  Partier friend

Whether you are searching for a man or just want to have a good time, you need this friend to go out with. She is fun, knows what is going on around the city, and is friendly and sociable. Look for a true wingwoman, who is gregarious to introduce you to people she knows, doesn’t cancel social plans last minute and will not leave you in the bar drunk alone in the end of the night.

6  Reliable friend

Is there a friend in your life whom you can call in the middle of the night in case a disaster happens? Do you have a friend to list on medical and other forms in case of emergency? These friends are hard to come by, but everyone of us needs them. If you don’t have one, reconsider your relationships, and reach out to become friends with more people. Invest yourself in friendships more to receive more. Because as you know, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Every relationship is a give and take. To deserve great friends, open youself up to people and give them what you have to offer in order to receive back.