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Hot jewelry trends: personalized hand stamped jewelry in sterling silver

August 30, 2014 by admin in Fashion, Homepage Slider

Big sis lil sis necklace personalized sterling silver

Hand stamped jewelry is hot now!  If you are like the rest of us starting to put together your Christmas gift list, this is a great gift idea for someone who has everything!

What is hand stamped jewelry?

Hand stamped jewelry has gained its popularity a few years ago.  We all love jewelry pieces that reflect something about who we are, and nothing says it better than personalized hand stamped necklaces and bracelets.  Etsy, a website for everything hand-made enabled stay-at-home moms and other crafty individuals to make beautiful creations and sell them online.   Basically, all you need to have is a set of stamping letters, a hammer, a stamping block, and blank tags, and start stamping away!  However, why invest time and money into tools and learning the tricks of the trade, if you can buy ready-made beautiful items from SilverStamped store on Etsy?

hand stamped sterling silver grandma necklace pendant

Why hand stamped jewelry?

The beauty of the metal stamped jewelry is that you can stamp any words or messages you’d like.  The possibilities are endless:  name necklaces, hand stamped bracelets, hand stamped mothers necklaces, initials, charms, pendants, baby names, favorite quotes, gifts for sisters and friends, wedding gifts, bridesmaids gifts, name tags, dog tags, personalized bracelets, grandchildren names, you name it!

Why buy hand stamped Sterling Silver Jewelry?

You can get personalized jewelry for cheap, if silver plated metal alloy stamping blanks are used, but Sterling Silver is the best!  Sterling silver is the beautiful precious metal, which is affordable, doesn’t lose its color, and lasts forever.  It does tarnish from contact with air, but is easily polished to its original shine with a polishing cloth.

Don’t put off your Christmas shopping until the last minute, as personalized hand stamped jewelry takes time to create, oxidize, polish, and ship to you.  Start thinking of the names of your loved ones that you want to have stamped on the beautiful silver necklaces and bracelets, and place your order with SilverStamped on Etsy today!