Avoiding yoga injuries

May 1, 2012 by admin in Health, Homepage Slider

Avoiding yoga injuriesIn the last decade or so yoga gained huge popularity because it improves flexibility, muscle tone and range of motion.  Although it is believed to be gentle exercise, yoga is very inductive of injury because it is in fact much more
strenuous than it seems. Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner, or new to yoga, ensure to follow these
easy steps to avoid yoga injury.

Start slowly
If you are new to yoga, take easier classes until you learn the proper alignments and condition your body into doing more complex yoga poses. Some people find it beneficial to hire an individual yoga instructor to teach them how to do asanas (yoga poses) right from the start.

Check instructor’s credentials
With the growth of popularity of yoga, it is easier these days than ever to become a certified yoga instructor. Some people become yoga teachers by taking a weekend course, while others spend a lifetime perfecting their knowledge of the discipline. Look for instructor with extensive experience and ask for referrals to gain maximum benefit from your yoga practice. It is also beneficial to take different classes with various instructors until you find one whose style you like most.

Learn from the best
It is very important to do yoga poses correctly while breathing. Find a teacher who will align your body correctly into poses and guide you though breathing.

Eat light
Not only it is hard to exercise with a full stomach, but it is also dangerous to do twists and turns and the downward facing dog pose. Avoid eating large meals at least 2 hours before yoga practice. Since you need energy to work out, eat a light energy food, such as a banana or a protein bar.

Stop when it hurts
A good yoga teacher will encourage their students during the class to take a break if they are experiencing pain or not feeling well.

Do not push it
Good teachers monitor their students during the yoga practice by coming up and adjusting their bodies. This helps get correct body alignment to maximize the benefits from yoga positions. However, a lot of injuries also occur from teachers stretching and pushing their students beyond necessary, resulting in multiple hours of therapy and expensive doctors bills. If your instructor tends to push you into pain, gently reject and find another one pronto!

Check with your doctor
It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting any new physical activity. Special care should be taken by people with high blood pressure, those predisposed to strokes and other medical conditions.

Warm up before the class
Just like with any exercise, it is important to warm up your muscles before starting strenuous physical activity. A knowledgeable yoga instructor will start a class with gentle stretches and warm ups to condition their students into doing more complex poses by the middle of the class. The practice should end with the relaxation technique. If this routine is lacking, be proactive and warm up before yoga class to avoid injuries to your body.

Doing yoga has proven beneficial to many people. Also remember that living a healthy lifestyle, eating right and staying positive compliments yoga practice tremendously.