How to easily lose 5 lbs in 7 days

March 28, 2012 by admin in Health

Instead of drastic dieting and strenuous exercising, follow these easy lifestyle adjustments to cut down on calories and start losing weight slowly but steadily:

Elimindate junk food

Eliminate junk food:
Reach for a bag of chips or nachos when the afternoon slump hits at 3 pm is usually driven by habit and boredom, not by hunger and adds empty calories that you do not even need!

Keep a food journal:
Writing down every food eaten will reveal how much you are really consuming. Not only it will help you analyze what you are eating too much of, it also makes you aware of every snack that adds up to your daily calorie intake

Only eat when you are hungry:
Before reaching for food, ask yourself whether it is hunger or boredom or habit that is driving you. Try to eat only when you are hungry.

Pack your own lunch:
Not only it will save you money, but you will probably end up with smaller portions of healthier foods. Lots of restaurants offer portions that are too big for one meal to justify the high prices.

Cut portions in half:
A human stomach is only the size of a fist, and that’s how much food it takes to fill it. Eating small portions slowly helps reach satiety and feel full.

After supper walk a mile:
Even light physical activity after meal revs up the metabolism and helps digestion. Walking at a medium pace after dinner for an hour can burn 130-150 calories that would otherwise will end up on your hips! Speed walking can burn 230 calories per hour and a job over 500! Have a think about what is right for you and get off the sofa!

Make a sacrifice:
Skipping cream and sugar in your morning coffee, or butter on your toast will not only save you extra calories, but will help develop healthy habits in the long run. After a while, you won’t even crave that butter, trust us!

If forgoing cream in your coffee is too hard, substitute it with a 2% and eventually with a fat free milk. Eating lighter options instead of high-calorie meals will fill you up with less calories. Substitute a muffin for a slice of toast, apple for a bag of chips, or butter with low-fat Becel spread.

Although individual weight-loss results may differ in the end of the week, taking control of your calorie intake will result in feeling lighter and will jump start your journey to a lighter skinnier healthy you!

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