How to find a family doctor

March 26, 2012 by admin in Health

Choosing a family doctor

Choosing a family doctor

There is nothing more important than finding a good family doctor who you can trust with your health and your family’s well-being.  Here are the questions your should be asking yourself when looking for a family physician:

Office location:
Is the doctor’s location convenient to your home or work?  Many prefer to have a doctor closer to home, as we are likely to change jobs more often than we change houses.  Is the location easily accessible by public transportation or by car and is there parking available?

Does the doctor have her own office, or is she a part of a medical network?
If there are other physicians in the doctor’s office, they may be seeing each other’s patients when one of them is away or on vacation.  Besides, some medical offices share a lab and other services on premises, such as a dietician or a massage therapist for added convenience.

Personality matters:
The most important thing about the search process is the doctor herself: is she attentive?  Does she listen?  Do you feel rushed during the visit?  Do you feel comfortable around this person discussing your physical, emotional pains and related to them personal problems?

Doctor’s age:
Ideally you want your relationship with your physician to last for as long as possible.  If the physician is nearing the retirement age, are you ready to start looking for a physician all over again?  You have to decide whether it matters for you to see an older more experienced physician or a younger more energetic one.

Doctor’s gender: 
Not to sound sexist here, but some women prefer to be examined by a female physician, whereas for others it makes no difference.  You should look for a physician who you should feel comfortable around.

Start your family doctor search with your own network; ask your relatives and friends if they are happy with their family physician and whether they would recommend them to you.  Conversely, these days a lot of doctors do not accept new patients, and the only way to find one is though a referral from an existing patient.

No matter who your family physician is, you have to remember that it is your health and you have to feel absolutely happy and comfortable with your doctor, and keep looking until you find one that makes you feel that way!