The importance of oral health

March 23, 2012 by admin in Health

Great teethOral health is important to your body in a number of ways. It is necessary for good hygiene so that you do not have foul odors coming from your mouth. It can prevent conditions such as heart disease from forming due to excess plaque build-up. It can also make your smile look pretty and prevent dental problems down the road. Proper oral health helps guarantee that you will not loose teeth, have gum disease or have other expensive and painful problems because you were neglectful of your mouth. Oral hygiene includes that you brush, floss and rinse your mouth regularly.

Your dentist can tell if you have been neglecting to brush, floss or rinse your mouth. These activities should take place two to three times per day after you eat meals. You need to brush each area of your mouth for a total of approximately two minutes each time. Ask your dental health professional about the best brand of toothpaste to use.

In addition, for good oral health it is necessary to floss every day. Most people do not floss after every meal, but try to at least floss one time per day. This helps to insure that food is not stuck in between your teeth that can decay and cause problems. Rinsing is done before or after brushing with a rinse recommended by a dental health professional. This helps keep the mouth smelling fresh in between brushing and flossing. It is also important to see a professional for a teeth cleaning every six months.