What is Reiki?

March 23, 2012 by admin in Health

ReikiReiki is a Japanese technique that is utilized for healing, stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is performed by an experienced professional who has been trained to use his or her hands on your body. This method of complementary medicine focuses on the use of the practitioner’s hands to direct the flow of energy into your body. The palms of the hands are used as the main healing vessel that transmits this energy into different pressure points.

Reiki is often used by individuals who are seeking balance and attunement in their lives because it can help people see more clearly. Benefits include greater clarity and awareness, higher energy and lessened physical pain in certain circumstances. During the session you will often feel the practitioner’s hands on your body in places where they are not actually touching. This is known as phantom hands and is quite common in the practice.

Reiki takes place in a relaxing atmosphere while you are lying on a massage table or flat surface. There might be other meditative elements present to help you relax and to get the energy flowing such as quiet music, aromatherapy and dim lighting. The practitioner will then gently touch your body to release energy or allow his or her hands to hover over the body. Either method is thought to help the flow of energy from one person to another. The practitioner can either follow a set series of movements or simply go from one place to another depending on the energy that he or she experiences.