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11 Tips for keeping clutter under control

January 21, 2013 by admin in Homepage Slider, Household, Lifestyle

It is so easy to accumulate stuff that you don’t need. We keep material things because we think we might use them some time, but it never happens. Use these tips from professional organizers to keep your living space clean and free of unnecessary possessions.

1.  Don’t bring hotel shampoos home

2.  Throw out newspapers and magazines in the end of every week or month

3.  For every new item you buy, throw out the old one that you are replacing it with. Bought a new cookware set? Donate the old one. A new pair of jeans? Don’t keep the old jeans just in case you decide to paint walls, because you never will! Bought new bath towels? Use them and enjoy them!

4.  Discontinue magazine subscriptions

5.  Get rid of the old phone books

6.  Keep your coupons current

7.  Return anything that you bought and haven’t used right away. Don’t have new purchases lying around with the price tags attached.

8.  Recycle junk mail as soon as it arrives

9.  Get rid of any food that has expired

10. Don’t take home free samples, such as magnets, key chains, mugs, water bottles, or t-shirts

11. Keep things out of sight, but easy to access: use labelled files and clear boxes.