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5 tips for selling your house

March 23, 2012 by admin in Household

Tips for selling your homeThere are several ways that homeowners can enhance the look and feel of their home when they put it on the market to sell. Potential buyers are looking at cosmetic details in addition to the major aspects of homeownership, such as location and the size of the property. Here are some tips for successfully selling a house:

Hire professional cleaners:
After the cleaners do all the major work and detailed cleaning, keep the house clean and free of clutter at all times

Use a stylist:
Get a stylist to arrange furniture and artwork that shows off the house’s selling points and makes the house looks fashionable; a stylist can also help with making the spaces appear larger just by furniture placement and use of lighting

Paint over any scuff marks or faded walls; use neutral paint so potential buyers can concentrate on the house instead of the color of the walls

If you have a garden, then keep it manicured and clean. Anything unsightly will look like a future burden to potential buyers and could scare them away.

Remove personal items such as photos and random knick knacks so potential buyers can imagine living in the space with their own things.

Potential buyers often make a decision about their interest in the house within the first few minutes of walking into a house, so first impressions are key!