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7 cheap kitchen upgrades

March 26, 2012 by admin in Household

Kitchen renovations

Make your kitchen look great

Home should be a place to enjoy every day. A refuge from work, school and other activities, it is a place where one should find comfort and rest. Though if the design scheme is wrong, the entire atmosphere can make a house feel more like project than the safe haven it is meant to be. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house. It can help set the tone of a home and make the place feel more inviting. With some simple upgrades to the kitchen, any house can feel like home.

Update the cupboards:
Updating the cupboards is simple. Painting or staining the wood and making repairs are just some of the things that will freshen up the look of any kitchen.

Update the dishwasher:
An outdated dishwasher makes the room feel gloomy and drab and it could be wasting energy and water.

Change the color:
Update the color of the room with paint.

Fresh flowers, pictures and other minor decorations can give the area a nice themed look.

New curtains:
Curtains to complement the new paint color or match the accessories can tie a room together.

Add a backsplash:
A backsplash can be created with cheaper tiles than those used on a floor since they will not sustain as much ware as tiles that are walked on.

Replace handles:
New drawer handles and other hardware can make the room look cleaner and more modern.