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Baby wipes uses

April 4, 2012 by admin in Household

Baby wipes usesThese soft wet disposable tissues are not for babies only!  At a cost of about 3 cents per tissue, they are cheap, hypoallergenic, convenient, and  extremely versatile!  Keep a container of baby wipes in the bathroom and in the car to do all of these things with them and more:

Remove makeup
Much cheaper and larger than the wipes from the cosmetics counter, baby wipes remove even eye make up gently.  For added effect, lather the face with a makeup remover and wipe off with a tissue.  Very soft, they still have some exfoliating action – after a few days of use you’ll notice how clean and soft your skin becomes!

Remove makeup foundation from hands
If you use fingers to apply foundation on your face, you know how hard it is to wash it off your hands.  A wet tissue wipes it off completely in seconds!

Clean shoes
Wipe dust off your shoes with a baby wipe and throw it out!

Dust furniture
Let a baby wipe dry out and wipe the dust off your polished furniture pieces.  Great for computer screens too!

Clean computer keyboard
Use a baby wipe to wipe dirt off the keyboard

Clean up 
Grab a baby wipe to blot coffee spills and stains on the carpets, floors, or anywhere!

Clean pets
Wipe your dog’s or cat’s eyes and face if needed.
Rub on your pet to remove extra stray hair.
Great for cleaning up after your pet too!

Use on the go
Keep a box of baby wipes in a car for emergency spills, to clean hands during the trip, or just to wipe off the dashboard when stopped at a red light.
They are also invaluable for wiping bird poop off the windshield.

Use in the bathroom
Use for what they were intended – if they are good to wipe a baby’s bottom, they are good for yours too!

Even more uses
Wipe white deodorant streaks off black clothing
Use as a dishcloth
Shine bathroom fixtures and wipe counters
Freshen yourself up in the middle of the day when no time for a shower
Put in a Ziploc bag and take on a trip with you – they will stay wet in a sealed bag