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Downsizing your house

March 26, 2012 by admin in Household

Downsizing your houseMany people today are making the decision to downsize and relocate to a smaller home. The decision can be cost-effective, reducing your monthly payment, utility costs, property-related insurance costs, and more. However, there are also some factors to consider before downsizing.

The process of downsizing involves decreasing the square footage of your living space. It is generally not feasible to move all of your current items into a smaller space, so you should plan on performing a thorough spring cleaning before your removalist arrives at your home. Consider the space you have available in your new home. How much of your existing furniture will fit in your new home? How much storage space does your new home have?

You don’t want to get rid of items that you truly need or want, so you will want to go through every item you own, making a decision about whether to keep it or get rid of it. You can make an effort to clean out drawers, closets, and cabinets. Donate items in good condition to charity. Items in lower quality condition can be recycled or tossed into the trash. You can consider selling larger items over the internet or through a garage sale. For items that you want to keep but will not have room to store in your new home, consider having a removalist transport them to a storage unit. Making these efforts now before your move can help you to more easily move in and adjust to your smaller living space.