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Inexpensive home renovation

March 26, 2012 by admin in Household

Renovating your home

Renovating can be fun

In today’s economy, homeowners often look towards less expensive renovation ideas, compared to larger projects with an even larger price tag. Being creative and working within a budget are key factors in the success of executing any plan. There are several ideas that may be used as guidelines, to help get any project off the ground.

Fresh paint:
Paint is an anchor when avoiding a costly renovation. A well prepared surface, whether inside or out, followed by primer and a good coat of paint, can make a world of difference. Be patient when choosing colors and textures. Make sure they reflect your taste and style.

New fixtures:
Upgrade interior fixtures, such as cabinet hardware and door knobs with more modern products. Create a consistent look and feel throughout the home.

New tiles:
Attempt small tiling projects yourself, or with the help of an experienced handyman. Practice your tile skills on scrap plywood to gain confidence. You just might surprise yourself.

Baseboard and moulding:
Replace baseboard, or any moulding that may be damaged beyond repair. Again, create a consistent look and feel throughout the home.

Outdoor living space:
Replace damaged wooden planks on decks and porches. Rotted wood is dangerous, and certainly unsightly.

Add inexpensive lighting fixtures, such as wall mounts to create warm moods. Don’t mess with the wiring though, get someone who is qualified.

New carpet:
Upgrade that abused carpet with an inexpensive but fresh new product. Use the Internet to help explain installation.

If you find an experienced handyman, hold onto him. This is a much better alternative than an expensive general contractor.