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Spring cleaning

March 23, 2012 by admin in Household

Spring cleaningWhen spring comes around everyone seems to get into the cleaning mood; cleaning products out from the previous years and the holidays. Some spring cleaning tips are:

Let the light in:
Clean the windows: get rid of the dust and let in the light. Dust of the light bulbs so light will shine brighter. Wash your blinds, washing the blinds makes so that the light does not show the dust.

Change around the rooms, move stuff to different areas to change it up.

Refresh your bed linens to give your room a quick make over.

Clean out the refrigerator. Do this every couple of months to make it the job easier during spring cleaning.

Vacuum and steam clean the carpets and the curtains; this will make them look fresh and new again.

Go green:
More people are choosing green and want their cleaning products green products also.

Paint the walls green with an organic paint or make your own cleaning supplies. Many supplies can be made from vinegar and water mixed. Wipe away with microfiber clothes or newspaper.

Spring cleaning can be done the old fashioned way or a modern way with a green twist. Either way spring cleaning is something that is done every year to freshen up the household.