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Things you can clean with lemon

April 5, 2012 by admin in Household

Natural cleaning solutions

Lemon is great for cleaning

If life throws you lemons – clean with them!  The acid that is contained in lemon juice is a natural cleaning solution that removes rust and dirt stains. It works effectively in all rooms in the house. Not only does it smell good, but works as an excellent natural cleaning solution for counter tops, cutting boards, faucets, garbage disposals, grout, hands, laundry, and plastic food containers.

Pots and Pans:
Lemon juice works as an effective natural cleaning solution when combined with salt. It turns into a paste which can be used to scour pots and pans.

Counter Tops:
Dip 1/2 of a lemon in baking soda. Wipe the lemon on your counter tops. Wipe the counter tops with a wet sponge. Dry with a clean cloth. It is not recommended to use lemons on stainless steel or marble.

Cutting Boards:
To remove stains from plastic or wood cutting boards, simply cut a lemon in half. Squeeze lemon juice on the stain. Let stand up to 20 minutes. Rinse the cutting board off with water.

Rub lemon juice on water taps and let it sit overnight. Wipe off with a damp cloth to clean. It will eliminate lime scale.

Garbage Disposals:
Cut a lemon into wedges. Drop the wedges into the garbage disposal. The lemon wedges will clean and freshen the garbage disposal. Make sure the garbage disposal remains off, while you are placing the lemons inside.

Add lemon juice to cream of tarter. It will turn into a paste which creates a natural bleaching agent. Apply it to back-splash or counter-tops with a toothbrush. Rinse and wipe with a clean cloth.

If you touch raw fish or other smelly foods, it may leave an unpleasant odor. Rub your hands with lemon juice, the odor will disappear and leave your hands with a fresh smell.

If you would like to make the switch from chemicals to more natural solutions, try a lemon today.