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5 ways to look slim and trim

March 28, 2012 by admin in Fashion

5 ways to look slim and trimSo, you want to look slim and terrific, but dieting isn’t going to cut it for tomorrow night. Here’s five ways to help you look great at short notice..

Wear Darker Colors:
Dark colors make things appear smaller so go for black, navy and grey when dressing ‘bigger areas’ on the body. For jeans and trousers, try a dark wash.

Wear What Fits:
Wearing over-sized clothes will only make you look bigger. Choose clothing that flatters your body, de-emphasizing body parts you want to hide and accentuating your assets. For example, wear straight-legged trousers or jeans if you’re bigger in the hips and thighs to elongate the body. To enhance this tall silhouette, add some high heals. Looking taller automatically makes you look thinner.

Avoid Bulk:
To appear thinner, make sure there’s no bulk to your clothing. For example, too much flowy material will look like you are carrying around extra weight. In accessories, choose dainty pieces and with high heals go for thinner heals over clunky ones.

Avoid Too Many Patterns:
Too many busy patterns can make you appear larger. Pick flattering colors for your skin tone and favour solids over patterns. Vertical stripes trick the eyes into making a person look thinner. If you do like patterns, reserve them for hairbands, high heals or purses to add extra flair.

Accentuate the Positive:
If you have a smaller waist, highlight it with a belt. If you have toned arms, show them off in a sleeveless shirt or dress. Drawing attention to your favourite body parts and using the other tips to downplay ‘problem’ areas will make you look thinner.

So there you have it. Let us know how it goes, or if you have any other great suggestions.