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Fashion Sense 101: How to match clothes

March 27, 2012 by admin in Fashion

How to match clothesWhen choosing an outfit that makes you look your best, it’s essential that every piece of your ensemble matches. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful dress paired with shoes, gloves or a purse that do not suit the style you’re trying to achieve. One wrong piece and your best efforts will be wasted.Before putting on your clothes, lay out the entire outfit on your bed along with matching shoes, purse, gloves, jewelry and hosiery. By looking at the entire ensemble before you put it on, you can to view what you plan to wear impartially and notice any details that do not work.

When coordinating colors, it simply isn’t enough to assume that two red pieces match or two blue pieces match. Reds come with a variety of undertones. One red may have blue undertones, giving it a cool appearance, while another may have yellow or orange undertones, giving it a warmer hue. Look carefully in natural or fluorescent lighting when pairing more than one piece of the same color.

Avoid pairing a summer dress with heavier shoes better suited to winter. Avoid wearing shoes and carrying a purse that do not match. Avoid wearing casual shoes with a haute couture business suit. By following these simple rules, you’ll ensure that all the pieces of your outfit coordinate well with one another.