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10 Things you wish you knew before the wedding day

July 31, 2013 by admin in Homepage Slider, Lifestyle


No matter how much planning goes into the wedding, there will still be some unexpected surprises you wish you knew of beforehand. Here are some tips from real brides to help you avoid disappointments on your big day.

1. When posing for pictures taken by several guests at a time, make sure that both your husband and you look at the most expensive camera (or pose for the hired photographer), and ignore the rest of the cameras. Otherwise your husband and you will be looking in different directions in every photo.

2. Practice your first dance before the wedding.

3. Record yourself on a video before the wedding, and see how you should move and not move on your big day.

4. If you have a lace up dress, tighten it up as much as possible for the ceremony and picture taking. You want the perfect fit with no extra room anywhere when standing. Loosen it up for the dinner to be able to sit in the dress.

5. Have a designated table for gifts and a box for gift cards in clear sight at the reception venue. Otherwise people will be wondering what to do with the gifts, and some will end up taking them back home.

6. Ask guests to bring good cameras if they can, instead of cell phones, to the wedding and take pictures.

7. Expect up to 1/3 guests not to bring any gifts. Those people will be the ones you least expect to do so. It is hard to believe that anyone can ever do that, but it really does happen.

8. Put extra planning into speeches: have them start on time, be brief, and not go overtime. Remember that the guests are there to eat and drink and enjoy themselves, not to get bored with speeches.

9. Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes to the reception, just in case your feet get tired from wearing high heels.

10. The wedding dress will be hot. Wear lots of deodorant. Bring a fan. Keep AC at a maximum setting.

Most importantly, enjoy your special day and don’t sweat the small stuff: with the proper planning the wedding will go smoothly and everybody will have a great time.

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