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Surviving family during the holidays

Surviving family during the holidays

Holiday season is a great time to get together with the family to celebrate. Unfortunately, many people dread having to spend time with the family at that time if the year.  This is when old childhood rivalries come to place, controlling manipulative mother issues arise, as well as other flashbacks from the past, for each family its own. Mothers-in-law are a subject for a whole separate article, if not a book. While every family is different, if you are dreading seeing yours, consider this.

Tips for surviving family during the holidays:

Stay positive

Don’t let other people spoil the holiday mood: ignore the inappropriate comments, don’t dwell on the negatives, and avoid conflict. Just smile, be happy, and count to 20 if you have to.

Limit time together

People become annoying and annoyed because they are bored. Limit your time to surviving family to a few hours only. Everyone is OK in small portions, so come for lunch, brunch, or dinner, then take a break and go shopping.

Stay at a hotel

If you are visiting family from out of town, and dread surviving family for 24 hours in a row, then book a hotel room to limit time together with the family. You will have your own personal space (unless you really want to stay in your old room surrounded by 20-year old teenager posters), your own bathroom, and most importantly, the sanity!

When in Rome, do as Romans do

If you are spending the holidays with the in-laws, enjoy them to the best of your ability. Eat what they cook, and cook what they ask you to. After all, if your family is not around, this is the only one you have!

Say no

Remember that it is OK to say “NO” in a soft confident tone. Don’t let nosy questions, pushy requests, or other inappropriate demands catch you on the spot. Just smile, tilt your head, and say ” No,” or “It’s none of your business,” or “I’ll think about it.” If you really-really don’t want to go through the same stressful routine of spending time with the relatives and surviving family this year, book a trip to Mexican Mayan Riviera, and enjoy a vacation for a change; there will be lots of food there too, for sure!

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