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12 Places to meet men

January 7, 2013 by admin in Homepage Slider, Relationships

As we get older, it becomes more and more difficult to make new friends and meet single like-minded men to date. But it should not be an excuse for staying single. Look for men at all these places that you are frequenting often anyways, and keep your eyes peeled for eligible bachelors every time you are out and about.

The best bonding happens when you get to spend some time together, versus bumping at each other once at a store or at a party. Consider taking a class, pick up a hobby, or join a club, where you will be running into the same men over and over again while getting to know them better.

Coffee shops

Going out for a cup of coffee alone is socially acceptable for both men and women. Grab a book or a laptop, get a latte and spend an afternoon or a whole day in public. The only downside with meeting singles at coffee shops is that a lot of people go there to work, and starting a conversation with someone immersed in work is a bit awkward. Besides, these venues attract single friendly people as well as married guys who are trying to get some downtime away from home and kids. So be friendly, but beware of friendly unavailable men who are just there to chat.

Clubs and bars

Alcohol is a great social lubricant, and it is easier to be friendly in the dark while having a good time to loud music. Not many relationships started at a club, but some have, and succeeded. It is a great place to give a phone number to the guy, and hope he calls and you remember who he is. Make sure to have a good wing woman, who is as friendly as you are, and will not leave you drunk in the bar alone. Also don’t go out early, because you will be just standing around wasting time and getting wasted A good time to go out is at around midnight, when people have had a few drinks and start feeling chatty.

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Grocery stores

Some men and women go shopping at a later time of the evening (when the married couples are having dinner and putting kids to bed) to meet single people. People are friendly to each other at the local grocery store, because they perceive you as living in the same neighborhood, and we tend to be friendly with our neighbors.


House parties are perfect for meeting a new man, because you can ask the hostess about his status, whether he is married, divorced, or available. You can even ask her to put in a word for you to him. Just ensure your friend shares good things about you with him, not bad.


Contrary to a popular belief, gym is not so great for starting conversations with strangers, because people are too busy working out. Who really wants to be approached by a guy when stretching and sweating on a treadmill? However, if you are a gym regular, it creates a sense of belonging to the club, and after saying hi to the same guy for a few weeks in a row, it is acceptable to start a chat.


The great thing about visiting museums is that it is an acceptable activity to do alone, without looking lonely. If you see a like minded man admiring the same painting, talking art is a great conversation starter. If it feels a little strange to be wandering around the museum halls, go to an art opening: you can still talk about art with the like-minded people, and the galleries usually serve alcohol at the opening receptions, making it easier to relax and have a chat.

Professional events

There is no better way to meet a man from the same professional background than through a professional chapter. Sign up for a day course to get to know people around you better, or visit a conference. It is easier to get to know a person when you spend the whole day talking shop with him, and there are usually networking events and receptions during the conferences to strengthen the bond.


The jury is still out on whether workplace is a good place for romance. On the one hand, this is a good (and for some singles the only place) to meet people. On the other, if the relationship doesn’t work, it is painful to see the ex working next to you day after day. Our advice is, keep professional and personal lives separate.


If you are religious and looking for a like-minded man with similar values, then by all means a church is a great place to find one. People at the church are friendly to new members, and the religion is the connector that binds them together.

Home hardware stores

On a Saturday morning, there are hundreds of men and women wondering through the isles trying to upgrade their nest. With all the selection of goods on display, there is always an excuse to ask a nearby man for advice or opinion, and to get one, because no one is in a hurry. Beware for married men though.

Volunteer events

Sign up as a volunteer to meet like-minded men and to spend some time with them. In the end of that fundraiser you will get a better idea of the way he interacts with people, and after spending a few hours with him, you can say that you hope to see him again.


Ever wondered how people used to meet each other before Internet? Internet has changed the world of dating. If you are single and looking, there is no excuse for a single girl not to join an online dating service (or two), in addition to attending all the places above in real life.

Remember that as long as you have an open minded attitude, have a smile on, and are friendly, meeting a man is not a problem, because it’s raining men everywhere you go!