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Dating rules for singles

December 24, 2012 by admin in Homepage Slider, Relationships

Yes, your mother was right when she told you not to be calling that boy 20 times a day! Some pearls of wisdom like “Why buy the cow if you can get milk for free” are becoming obsolete at this day and age, whereas others are still valid. Here is a recap of the old and new rules to date by:

Don’t text.  If he rather texts you than meets with your in person, that’s a telling sign.

Don’t call the man first.  This is an old rule, but it really works. Try it once, and see for yourself. Men are chasers by nature and like to pursue. Let him pick up the phone and make the call.

Don’t be desperate. Remember that annoying guy who was needy, called you all the time, wanted to know what you did every moment you were not with him, and got really jealous for no reason? Well, you don’t want to be that guy! It’s not about games, it is about pacing yourself and having a life. Besides, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Have a list of your dating requirements, and stick to it. If you want to see your boyfriend 5 times a week, don’t date someone who lives an hour away.

Be flexible.  If you are looking for a man who is at least 6 foot tall, but this wonderful guy comes around who is only 5’11”, give him a chance!

Don’t analyze him, or find excuses for his odd behavior. If the relationship works it works, otherwise there is a reason to call it quits and move on to the next suitable partner.

Give the fist date a second chance. Sometimes people are nervous on a first date, and don’t put their best foot forward. If on the other hand, you are getting a bad vibe from the guy on a first date, cut it short and run: at this stage, you don’t owe him an excuse or an explanation!

Don’t jump into bed too soon. This is another wise old rule. Basically, you need to get to know the person before sex takes over the conversations.

Don’t have sex with a man unless he bought you dinner. The man who invests into taking you out wants to get to know you. Never thought about it this way? Try it out… it works!

Have an exclusivity talk if it is important to you. Some people wait longer than others, but don’t wait too long. If you don’t ask, he won’t tell!

Keep looking until you have an exclusivity talk. It may sound so like high school, but really, until he asks you to go steady with him, it is OK to date other men.  Otherwise you may be wasting your time and passing on opportunities.

Don’t compromise if something bothers you – you are wasting your time on the wrong person.

Don’t date the married man:  You are wasting your time.  Date him when he becomes available, until then look elsewhere.

People change.  If you ask him to do something and he remembers, it’s a good sign.  Give it about three months, because that’s when people stop putting their best foot forward, and their true colors start coming out.

People don’t change.  Old habits die hard, see if you can live with the ones that are bothering you, otherwise look elsewhere.

There are plenty of fish in the sea.  If things don’t work out with one man, its not the end of the world. There is the right man out there for you, go and find him!

Have fun dating. Dating is about getting to know one another, and finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with!