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15 dates to run away from

February 3, 2013 by admin in Homepage Slider, Relationships

15 dates to run away from

Even if you haven’t been on a date for 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years, and are dying to go with anyone who asks you out, there is always that line that no one should cross. No matter how desperate you are to find a relationship, here are the red flags on a first or a second date, that should send you running away from it:

1.  He drinks non-stop

2.  He doesn’t order a drink for himself, but is ogling your glass of wine

3.  He can’t keep his hands off you

4.  He cancelled dates last minute more than once

5.  He keeps taking work-related phone calls

6.  He keeps texting someone non-stop

7.  He tells you that his daughter is the most important woman in his life

8.  He “accidentally” left his wallet at home

9.  He keeps talking about his ex: either bad things, or how much he misses her

10. He doesn’t look clean and smells funny

11. He only wants to meet you for a coffee for several dates in a row

12.  He is obviously cheap

13. He is negative

14. He too eagerly compliments you on your purse, shoes, make up, hair, knows exactly the name of fragrance you are wearing, and uses word “fabulous” in every sentence

15. He tells you what to order, where to meet you, and doesn’t care about what you think or want to do.

When dating, it is important to think about your own safety and emotional comfort. You don’t owe anything to the strangers, therefore don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable situation while trying to help him save his face. If something doesn’t feel right, safe, or normal – run!