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45 Christmas gift ideas for men

December 6, 2012 by admin in Homepage Slider, Lifestyle, Relationships

Girls are so easy to buy presents for – just give us jewelry, perfumes, and chocolates, and we’ll be happy! What do you give the man, though, who has everything? Here are some ideas:

  1. Leather gloves
  2. Cologne
  3. Aftershave
  4. Gadgets – check Brookstone for really awesome things men love
  5. Books (check Amazon.ca for a great selection of this year’s bestsellers)
  6. Kindle (if he is an avid book reader)
  7. Sweater
  8. Scarf
  9. Tie
  10. A day in a spa
  11. Messenger bag – if he is notorious for putting too much stuff in his back pockets
  12. Magazine subscription – this is the gift that keeps giving every month of the year
  13. Sound speakers
  14. Tools – a man can never have enough of those
  15. Movie tickets
  16. Cufflinks
  17. Alcohol
  18. Wine cooler
  19. Cigars
  20. Cigar humidifier
  21. Netflix subscription
  22. Xbox
  23. Computer games (check out Halo 4 for Xbox)
  24. Concert tickets – you can buy them well in advance
  25. A weekend getaway
  26. Watch – they come in every price range, besides one can’t have enough watches!
  27. Chocolates – they are not just for women!
  28. Massage
  29. Sports tickets
  30. Espresso machine – if you are really inclined to give him kitchen appliances, this is the only one he secretly wants!
  31. Belt
  32. Wallet
  33. Umbrella
  34. Golf clubs
  35. Binoculars
  36. Socks
  37. SLR Camera (such as the affordable Canon EOS Rebel)
  38. Phone upgrade
  39. Lottery tickets
  40. A winter hat – to wear now
  41. Martini shaker
  42. Dumbbells
  43. Swiss knife
  44. Electric shaver – they are so decadent compared to disposable raisors
  45. Ultrabooks (from as little as $549)

Gifts not to give a man:

  1. A ring – that’s a bit too much of a hint, eh?
  2. Bed sheets – he should be able to provide his own.
  3. Underwear – a little too personal and not too romantic.
  4. Kitchenware – no matter how much you hate the paper plates he is using in his apartment, he should be able to buy them himself.
  5. A gym membership – would you like him to give you that?
  6. Expensive electronics – he knows best what exactly he wants and enjoys buying it.

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