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20 more ways to save money during the holidays

November 14, 2012 by admin in Homepage Slider, Money

Watch your savings account grow with some planning and a little sacrifice!

1  Brew your own coffee and tea.


2  Bag your lunch for a week, it is healthier too!


3  Use coupons when eating out.


4  Use basic cable: you can only watch one channel at a time anyways.


5  Borrow books from the library, only buy books that you absolutely want to read over and over again.


6  Buy generic goods instead of paying for brand names.


7  Use prepaid cell phone – you probably never use all the minutes on your plan anyways.


8  Cook your meals – the cost of a dinner out is probably higher than your weekly grocery bill.


9  Buy what you need not what is on sale.


10  Pay the credit cards in full every month to avoid interest charges.


11  Shop around for car insurance, and switch if you find a better deal.


12  Use Skype for long distance calling, it’s free.


13  Don’t buy clothes that are dry clean only.


14  Stay at the same brand of hotels to accumulate points and free nights.


15  Plan your meals for a week and only buy the groceries you need to avoid wasting food.


16  Go grocery shopping with a shopping list to avoid impulsive purchases.


17  Check grocery store sales flyers and plan your meals around what foods are on sale.


18  Shop dollar store for disposable items, such as garbage bags, Ziploc bags, etc.


19  Stock up on non-perishables, such as toilet paper, canned goods, when they are on sale.


20  Buy frozen juices instead of cartons.