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3 more ways to volunteer

May 24, 2012 by admin in Career, Homepage Slider, Lifestyle

Many women find volunteering in the community rewarding because it provides them with sense of belonging, helps meet new people, develops new skills and looks good on the resume. Non-profit organizations rely on volunteers and appreciate any help they can get. Here are some ideas for volunteering that you may find rewarding and satisfying.

Walk a dog at a local animal hospital or shelter

If you love animals, there are plenty of dogs and cats out there that would love a human touch. Donate your time at the local shelter or ask an animal hospital if they need help with walking dogs that are recovering from a surgery.

Volunteer as a theater usher

Many smaller theaters run on a very limited budget. Inquire if you can volunteer as an usher by checking tickets and showing patrons to their seats. Added bonus – you get to see the show for free!

Organize a fundraiser

A lot of non-profit organizations hold events to raise funds for charity. Apply your marketing and networking skills by volunteering at the event organizing committee. You will meet a lot of people, maybe will get to attend the event, and acquire great résumé-building experience!