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5 tips for job search

March 23, 2012 by admin in Career

5 tips for job searchersWhile many job lookers focus on the importance of the resume or the job interview, the important decisions in the hunt for the perfect new career can come much earlier. In fact, using these five tips for job searching can be just as important as having the right resume.

Social media:
Use of social media is essential. Make sure your professional certifications and degrees are listed on your social media profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep all the content on these sites as professional as you can.

Demonstrate what makes you different. Your future employer may have hundred of applicants to look through and you want to stand out from the competition.

Be prepared to highlight your experience. Consider building a portfolio to highlight your experience, whether it comes from previous paid work, volunteer work or internships.

Beware of scams:
Steer clear of suspicious online solicitations. Never be afraid to call the company and verify the contact information of any professional email.

Consider being flexible in the location of your dream job. The ability to relocate will increase your job opportunities. The job satisfaction may make the long term benefits worth the short term sacrifice.

Any job search is going to be hard work. In an economic climate where applicants have such stiff competition from each other, that work is going to be especially challenging. But putting the extra effort can go a long way from making you stand out and get you one step closer to that all-important interview.