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Are you an impulse shopper?

March 29, 2012 by admin in Money

Some women give careful consideration to every item that they purchase while others jump into a sales rack, grab what they can, and make for the nearest cashier stand. Fortunately, if a woman doesn’t know whether she’s an impulse shopper, there are five surefire signs that will give her an answer.

1. If a woman goes to a shop and purchases an item only to find a very, very similar item in her closet at home, then she is an impulse shopper. This very often occurs with purchases of handbags.

2. Women who are impulse shoppers have a habit of buying sales items simply because they are on sale.

3. A woman is an impulse shopper if she buys an item that’s not her size simply because she loves the style. For instance, an impulse shopper may buy a pair of shoes that are too small for her. She purchases the wrong size shoes with the vague idea that she may be able to make them work.

4. An impulse shopper is known to buy several varieties of a particular item just because they are on sale or they strike her fancy. The woman will likely never use six handbags of the same design, but she buys them anyway because they are on sale.

5. An impulse shopper buys an item knowing that she doesn’t have the money to pay for it that month. With impulse shoppers, the joy of the purchase edges out any practical thinking.