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Beauty routine for every age

March 26, 2012 by admin in Beauty

A beauty routine for all agesMost women, no matter their age, follow very similar beauty routines. Although women use all types and brands, it is a common thread that women usually start their beauty routine by using soap and following with a moisturizer. After this point, the beauty routine usually changes depending on the women and their stage in life and how much time they spend getting ready each and every day.

After waking up, the first step of the day in getting ready is washing the face and having a clean work space to get going. There are hundreds of options for a soap to use on the face and most of the time the soap is chosen based on where the women lives and if they have dry, oily or combination skin types.

The soap and cleaning step is followed by applying a moisturizer. A moisturizer again comes in hundreds of options and brands that make it and they range in price from really inexpensive drugstore options to specialty moisturizers that are customized for the specific skin. It is advisable to include some sort of SPF in the moisturizer that is being used since the skin on the face is exposed to the sun almost every day. But having a clean face and then applying a moisturizer allows women to have great skin and then they can work on putting the makeup that they need over the moisturizer and already have a good base to work with.

Many times the end of the day involves using soap again to clean all the makeup and other products off the face and then applying a moisturizer that will be working on the face skin overnight.