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Things not to do before your big day

December 14, 2012 by admin in Beauty, Homepage Slider

There are so many parties to attend this holiday season! Do this not that to look and feel your best! Also, follow these tips if you are going to the wedding, either as a bride or a guest, or any other important occasion.


Eat salty snacks or deli meats, because they make your body retain water, resulting in bloating, puffiness, and bags under eyes.

Eat pasta, because carbs retain water too!

Drink carbonated drinks, it’s basically like pumping yourself with gas!

Exercise¬†vigorously if not used to it or you’ll end up with muscle pain.

Eat greasy foods, as they can make skin break out.


Exercise in moderation for muscle tone, nice skin complexion, and an overall feel-good feeling!

Eat a little, as you’ll need energy. ¬†Besides, it’s not a good idea to consume alcohol on an empty stomach.

If wearing an up-do, take a headache pill.