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Beauty steals for under $10

March 28, 2012 by admin in Beauty

Between the glossy pages of fashion magazines and the stylish videos made by YouTube beauty gurus, it seems that a new “must-have” beauty product comes out every day. And unless you have a bottomless bank account, it is virtually impossible to keep your beauty pantry stoked with all of the outrageously expensive eye liner, mascara, and lip gloss that the glossies and gurus insist you ought to buy. Luckily, there are a handful of tried and tested products that are comparable to their more expensive counterparts, and thankfully won’t break the bank. Here are three beauty steals for under ten dollars.

CoverGirl LashBlastFusion MascaraCoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara:
This amazing mascara does it all: In addition to giving lashes additional volume and length, it creates a dramatic look that manages to be completely clump-free. Department store brands may make all sorts of promises, but this dirt-cheap drugstore steal does it all. Bonus points? It lasts through the day without smudging or flaking.

Neutrogena Revitalizing RainbathNeutrogena Revitalizing Rainbath in Grapefruit Scent:
There are myriad high-end bath and shower products on the market, and all of them promise to be the most fragrant and the most moisturizing. But don’t bother dropping a ton of money on something that will ultimately just go down the drain. The original Neutrogena Rainbath is a cult classic, and the grapefruit scented spin-off is downright luxurious. The light citrus fragrance lingers long after you’ve turned the water off, and it will leave your skin moisturized and soft.

NYX Mega Shine Lip GlossNYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss:
This fabulous lip gloss is better than its pricey department store competitors: It has rich pigmentation, fantastic color payoff, and won’t parch or chap your lips. Almost all of NYX’s glosses, lipsticks, eye shadows and eye liners are priced at around $5, and the Mega Shine Lip Gloss is no exception. At this price, you can afford to invest in one in every color.