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Dating: Who should pay?

March 23, 2012 by admin in Relationships

Who should pay?Dating can be complicated. The process of finding the perfect partner pales in comparison to the stress of preparing for a first date.

Questions like where to go and what to wear require daters to have confidence and take charge of their romantic situation, especially when it comes to who should foot the bill for the date. Whether the setting is a discount movie theater, drinks at the local bar, or a four-star gourmet restaurant, it is traditional for the proposer of the date to pay the admission price or the final check.

Unless a previous plan such as splitting the costs was agreed upon, it’s fairly safe to assume the askee will reach for their wallet when the time to pay the bill comes. But some non-traditionalists may disagree with this idea and insist on covering the entire meal or an evening out on the town.

A good suggestion for the fiercely independent 21st century dater is to recommend one party settles the bill while the other pays for the tip, if applicable.

Ultimately, a date should be more about enjoyment, personal connection, and not who can pay for the other’s company. The experience of a first-time amorous encounter has all the potential of being emotionally rewarding and leading to a long-term relationship.