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Hair care tips

March 30, 2012 by admin in Beauty

Great looking hairDo you want to have movie star hair? Okay, maybe something a little better than you currently have? Well here are several easy tips to follow to maintain healthy, beautiful hair.




Regular Trimming:

Hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks, depending on hair growth. This removes dead, split ends and decreases frizz. Although it may be tempting to wait longer between cuts to grow longer hair, it is actually healthier for hair to be trimmed more often.

Maintaining Cleanliness:

Depending on oil production, hair must be washed once every other day. Hair that tends to be more dry and brittle should only be washed two to three times per week. This allows the natural oils of the scalp to distribute throughout hair, keeping it shiny and moisturized.


Limit the use of hair care products to the bare essentials. Products tend to weigh down and dry out hair, stripping it of its natural oils. Also, product easily builds up, causing hair to look dull and lack luster. Try not to use products daily, and save them for special occasions.

Heat Damage:

Try to limit heat damage as much as possible by towel drying hair (squeezing water out, not rubbing) and letting hair air dry. Save the use of damaging hair dryers, straighteners and curlers for special occasions. To protect hair from heat damage, use a pre-conditioner on damp hair first before applying heat to protect delicate strands.


Do not use extremely tight clips, hair ties or barrettes every day as these can cause breakage and strain on hair follicles. Also, switch the position of ponytails from day to day.