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How to get that new job

March 22, 2012 by admin in Career

How to get that new jobLanding a new job is not always easy. Whether someone is trying to get back into the workforce, advance within her office or work for a new employer, there are several steps to get that new job.

Study the Job Description:
The description should explain the skills and experience for which the employer is looking. It should also list the responsibilities and tasks the new hire will perform.

Consider Whether it’s a Match:
Sometimes job applications are doomed because the applicant is not qualified. She should take a hard look at her skills and experience and determine whether she qualifies. She should also consider whether the tasks of the new job are similar to or build upon those she already performs.

Brush up the Resume:
The resume should be rewritten to focus on the areas for which the employer is looking. This doesn’t mean faking it; it means highlighting those areas that are a match and downplaying those that are not.

Study the Employer or Interviewer:
If this is a job with a new company, it’s vital to learn about the business so the applicant can show she is well-versed on the company’s mission, products and services. If it’s a job with her current employer, she should learn about her interviewer and the new department.

Shine at the Interview:
The applicant should show confidence, knowledge about the company and job and interest in learning more. When it’s over, she should thank the interviewer and ask whether there is anything else she can do to facilitate the decision-making.