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Online safety tips

April 15, 2012 by admin in Relationships

Online safetyDating online is a lot easier than regular dating, but it is not without risk. Here is what you need to know to stay safe while dating online.

Trust your gut:
Trusting your gut is the most important thing you can do for yourself. If something does not feel right, then you are probably right. Any time that you feel strange about meeting someone you should heed the warnings and back away.

Carefully vet this person before you meet them:
Dating online is just like dating in person because you have to take some time to get to know them. Learn more about who they are before you decide to meet with them at any point. Consider doing a video chat on Skype so you can see that they are real and at least know what they actually look like.

Be wary of people living abroad:
Unfortunately, most of the people the dating websites that claim to be living abroad are scammers that should be avoided. There are some legitimate people living abroad, but they tend to be quite risky to deal with.

Guard your personal information:
Since you do not actually know the person, you should not provide any personal information like your phone number, address, or financial information. Never send them money under any circumstances. There are a lot of people that have had their identities stolen by their so-called online dates.

As long as you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to date safely online.