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Tips on how to hold a successful garage sale

March 27, 2012 by admin in Money

A successful garage sale

A successful garage sale

A garage sale is a useful way to bring in a little extra cash from unwanted or outgrown items. Selling off those unwanted decorations, tea sets, children’s toys or similar used goods will sometimes bring in a few hundred extra dollars, depending on the particular sale items. Holding a successful garage sale starts with a few basic tips.

Organize the Items:
Selling off used goods requires a certain level of organization. That might mean putting used items from children in one area, kitchen goods on a different table and decorations in a third location. It also means making sure potential buyers are able to see most or all of the items.Organization is a key part of making use goods look more appealing. Keeping the items where they are easy to see, pick up and inspect is an important part of making a sale.


Garage sale

Advertise your garage sale

Setting up a garage sale requires more than putting out tables and goods. Without putting signs up further from the home, such as on main roads with arrows pointing potential buyers in the right direction, the goods are unlikely to sell. Advertising the sale is a key part of getting more interested buyers.

Selling off unwanted goods is not only about giving bargain prices, it is about bringing in as many customers as possible and ensuring they are able to see the items clearly. Organization and advertising make up a large part of the ability to sell off used goods that are no longer wanted or needed personally.