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10 great places to visit in Montreal

March 28, 2012 by admin in Travel

Old Montreal

Old Montreal

Quebec’s largest city is long on visitor attractions, with a museum, church, shopping area, or historic neighbourhood to suit any age or taste. If you have a short time in Quebec, start with these spots:

Musee des Beaux-Art:
Take in over 2,000 years of art history in the forms of painting, photos, sculpture, drawing, and more in one of Canada’s top museums

Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde:
A one-quarter-sized replica of Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica featuring fine stained glass and well-preserved statues

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal:
Dating from the 17th century, this neo-gothic structure is home to one of the largest bells in the world

Quartier Latin:
The must-do neighbourhood for people-watching and shopping, the Latin Quarter is a diverse mix of personalities and businesses

Place Jacques-Cartier:
This 19th-century square was built on a spot that has long been a popular city meeting area, and hosts performance artists, touristy shops, and outdoor restaurants

La Ville Souterraine:
Escape the cold and hustle-bustle in this 20-mile tunnel complex linking shopping, hotels, the subway, and more in a completely weather-proof environment

Mount Royal:
Follow in explorer Jacques Cartier’s footsteps and climb the mountain this city was named for to observe incredible views from 764 feet up

Olympic Stadium:
A space-age designed building created for the summer games of 1976, the stadium has a tower that is the tallest inclined structure in the world at 583 feet. Visitors may use the swimming pool for a fee.

The Old Town of Montréal is bilingual, cosmopolitan and safe. It is a little piece of old Europe with lots of character and plenty of great restaurants and shops

Biodome de Montréal:
An education in ecosystems for adults and children alike, this attraction also has hands-on activities for kids.