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10 must-visit destinations in Canada

March 28, 2012 by admin in Travel

Calgary skyline

The Calgary skyline

Begin your travels to the top 10 destinations in Canada on Prince Edward Island. You can enjoy the scenic green pastures and red-soil cliffs or spend a day on the beach. Next on your itinerary is the dramatic tidal shift in the Bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Twice a day, 100 billion tons of seawater empty and fill the bay.

Venture further west to tour Quebec City. You will feel as if you have traveled to France without leaving North America. The old walled section of the city is a World Heritage Site. Your next stop is a visit to the modern cosmopolitan city of Montreal. You can see historic buildings interspersed between modern skyscrapers. There are numerous chic boutiques and world-class restaurants. In the capital of Ottawa, you can watch the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill or tour one of the many fine museums.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal

You must experience Niagara Falls. This destination consistently ranks as one of the most romantic spots on earth. A trip further north to Churchill, Manitoba provides a wonderful opportunity to view polar bears, beluga whales and the Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights.

In the western Canada, you must tour Lake Louise, Calgary and Vancouver. The turquoise lake is fed by the runoff from an ancient glacier. Calgary is famous for its annual Stampede celebration and western spirit. This 1988 Winter Olympics host city is close to many wonderful scenic locations. Your final destination is the Canadian west coast city Vancouver. The abundant outdoor recreational opportunities in this seaport city are accentuated by the picturesque scenery as the mountains meet the sea.

These 10 destinations in Canada are a small sample of the wonderful sights and sounds that holiday travelers will discover as they tour this great country.

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